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Daylee Naturals Wholesale Brushes - Free Shipping on Orders $49 and More.

  • Body Brush with Detachable Handle
    Body Brush with Detachable Handle
    $7.99 $3.49
    Body brush with detachable handle made with 100% natural bristles, it gives a gentle scrub to the skin while the detachable wood handle comfortably fits the palm of your hand. Don't need the handle? Well, just pop it off and...

  • Daylee Naturals Detangling Hair Brush
    Daylee Naturals Detangling Hair Brush
    $7.99 $5.49
    The detangler bristles are super thin, strong and flexible. These bristles will glide through any hair type combing out tangles effortlessly. The bristles' flexibility enables protective and pain-free detangling while...

  • Exfoliating Mesh Sponge Brush
    Exfoliating Mesh Sponge Brush
    $6.99 $3.99
    The exfoliating mesh sponge brush has a long handle (18") for those hard to reach places. Sturdy wooden handle. Exfoliating nylon mesh. This long lasting mesh sponge is soft yet exfoliating. Find those hard to reach places...

  • Lotion Applicator with Long Wood Handle
    Lotion Applicator with Long Wood Handle
    $9.99 $6.49
    A lotion applicator for your back.  Stop struggling to apply lotion to your back. Use this long handle applicator to reach your whole back effortlessly. Made with a dense padded sponge and has a 15" handle.

  • Massage Brush
    Massage Brush
    $6.99 $3.99
    Reduce cellulite with daily use to stimulate your skin, drain excess fluids, and release trapped toxins. Simply rub in a circular motion daily to increase cellular and skin circulation helpful in cellulite prone...

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